I say Yes!

I say Yes!

The first Follow Him CD „Ich sage Ja!” (I say Yes!) is here

Finally it is here. The first cd of the Follow Him Band! You will experience a variety of different feelings and experience Jesus in the midst of it! Goint through the motions of Praise and Worship, you will also be called to take some action and do warfare. Be afresh inspired to bring honor to Jesus and say “yes” to his plans for your life! If you need an ocean in the desert or new hope from Jesus… these songs will be an inspiration and bring you into His presence!

01 Jesus hät Hoffnig
02 Follow Him
03 An Ocean In The Desert
04 Vo ganzem Herzä
05 Go Out Child
06 How Beautiful
07 There Is No Mountain To High
08 I Lift You Up
09 Oh Jesus
10 Ich säge ja
11 Step Out
12 Ich will dir vertrauä
13 Ich verbüg mich vor dir
14 Würdig das Lamm / Worthy Is The Lamb
15 What A Gift


The Songbook is included as PDF on the CD-Rom Part of this CD

I say Yes!